Genome browser track data hub

ChIP-sequencing data and other (epi) genomic data for visualization in the UCSC genome browser.
Xenopus track hub for X. tropicalis (v7.1 and 9.0), and X. laevis (v7.1 and 9.1).
Mouse track hub for M. musculus mm10 assembly.

Miscelaneous Xenopus tropicalis data

ChIP-seq, RNA-seq and MethylCap-seq tracks
NimbleGen ChIP-chip microarray designs
Transcription start site and promoter collection


ChIP protocol Xenopus embryos (PDF) download
ChIP-Sequencing in Xenopus Embryos. downloadPDF
Assay for Transposase-Accessible Chromatin-Sequencing Using Xenopus Embryos. downloadPDF

Software and on-line resources

Motif prediction pipeline GimmeMotifs (publication: Van Heeringen and Veenstra, 2011).
Xenopus 2012 Genome workshop

Radboud University Faculty of Science Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences Dept. Molecular Developmental Biology